Planning a trip in Quebéc Province after September 1st, 2021?  Here's everything you need to know about the vaccination passport.
  • Accommodations  Vaccination passport is not required for accommodations.
  • Restaurants & bars The vaccination passport is required for anyone who wishes to visit a restaurant, bar, microbrewery or distillery. However, take-out and drive-thru services remain open to all. Note that restaurants located in accommodations are no exception. People who are not fully vaccinated, or who do not have their vaccination passport on hand, will have to use room service or take-out from other restaurants.
  • Activities The majority of activities included in our Explore Quebec packages require the presentation of the vaccination passport. We strongly recommend you to consult the official list issued by the government before your departure. Please note, however, that passports are not currently required to enter museums, spas, massage therapy centers, trains and planes. This information may be revised without notice by the Quebec government. We therefore invite you to consult the official list regularly.
Specifications for Non-Québec Residents
People travelling to Quebec, but residing in other Canadian provinces or internationally, will be required to present photo identification and proof of vaccination provided in their province or country showing that they have received two doses of a recognized vaccine from among the following: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson (requires only one dose).