Discover a radiant and modern city that has preserved its western origin. Located about 45 km from the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is known for its unique climate. Indeed, the city experiences Chinook, a spectacular weather phenomenon that creates orange clouds.


As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you must still communicate the dates of your stay in another province to your banking institution before your departure.


The complete vaccine (2 doses) against COVID-19 is the only vaccine recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for inter-provincial travel. Please note that two doses of vaccine are required to take a flight, board a train or ship.


It is not necessary to travel with your passport from one province to another if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. However, make sure you always have a valid identification card such as a driver’s license or health insurance card.


Month Max Min Prec.
January -1 °C -14 °C 12 mm
February 1 °C -12 °C 12 mm
March 5 °C -8 °C 18 mm
April 12 °C -3 °C 30 mm
May 18 °C 3 °C 53 mm
June 21 °C 7 °C 88 mm
July 25 °C 9 °C 64 mm
August 24 °C 8 °C 58 mm
September 19 °C 4 °C 44 mm
Ocotober 14 °C -1 °C 16 mm
November 5 °C -8 °C 14 mm
December -7 °C -13 °C 11 mm


Canada’s official languages are English and French. English is the main language used in all provinces except Quebec, where French is the official language. New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in the country. Although English is the dominant language, there are several French-speaking communities across Canada.

Things to do in Calgary

Attend the Calgary Stampede

The legendary Calgary Stampede takes place over 10 days in July. It is the largest western event in the world. The atmosphere is exhilarating and the fun is guaranteed!

Visit Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in the Badlands, southeast of the city. In this natural setting typical of the far west, you will find many fossils on this site which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Young and old alike will have fun doing excavations and other rewarding activities.

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