Renowned to be attractive, Gaspésie is a destination that detonates from the Quebec Province landscape. Located between the sea and the mountains,  you will find a larg offer of outdoor activities .

You will discover breathtaking panoramas, unique flavours and a warm population!


Month Max Min Prec.
January 5 °C -17 °C 91 mm
February -4 °C -16 °C 75 mm
March 2 °C -11 °C 105 mm
April 8 °C -4 °C 94 mm
May 15 °C 1 °C 90 mm
June 21 °C 7 °C 81 mm
July 24 °C 10 °C 107 mm
August 24 °C 10 °C 98 mm
September 19 °C 5 °C 86 mm
October 12 °C 1 °C 122 mm
November 5 °C -5 °C 101 mm
December -2 °C -12 °C 122 mm


Things to do in Gaspésie

Visit Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs

Experience a change of scenery in your own province! These grandiose mountains will make you feel far from home! Whether it’s for backcountry skiing, horseback riding, hiking or fishing, the Chic-Chocs are a favourite place for these types of activities on the Gaspé Peninsula.

Relax at the Beach

Yes, it is possible to swim in salt water in Quebec! The Gaspé Peninsula has several beaches to enjoy a good time in the sun, as a couple or as a family.

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