As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you must still communicate the dates of your stay in another province to your banking institution before your departure.


The complete vaccine (2 doses) against COVID-19 is the only vaccine recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for inter-provincial travel. Please note that two doses of vaccine are required to take a flight, board a train or ship.


It is not necessary to travel with your passport from one province to another if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. However, make sure you always have a valid identification card such as a driver’s license or health insurance card.


Canada’s official languages are English and French. English is the main language used in all provinces except Quebec, where French is the official language. New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in the country. Although English is the dominant language, there are several French-speaking communities across Canada.

Things to to in Halifax

Taylor Head Provincial Park

Taylor Head Provincial Park is a natural park. It occupies a rugged, windswept peninsula that juts 6.5 km into the Atlantic Ocean. The park offers spectacular views and unspoiled coastline, with a variety of coastal hiking trails and beautiful sandy beaches.

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